USM Anywhere™

Connect the Azure Sensor to USM Anywhere

After deploying the sensor, you must connect it to USM Anywhere through registration.

USM Anywhere Customers

  • If this is your first sensor, you must register the sensor using the initial authentication code (starts with a "C") received from AT&T Cybersecurity. With this code, the registration process provisions a new USM Anywhere instance and defines its attributes, such as how many sensors to allow, how much storage to provide, and what email address to use for the initial user account. After registration, you will gain access to the sensor through the USM Anywhere web user interface (UI), where you can complete the sensor setup.
  • If you are deploying additional sensors, you must generate the authentication code (starts with an "S") for the registration. See Add a New Sensor for details.


You can now complete the USM Anywhere Sensor setup. See Complete the Azure Sensor Setup.