Collect Azure Resource Logs

Microsoft Azure resource logs (previously referred to as diagnostic logs) provide insight into operations performed within an Azure resource, such as Microsoft Azure Internet Information Services (IIS) or Microsoft Azure SQL Server. USM Anywhere discovers and collects these logs through the Azure APIs. A USM Anywhere Sensor deployed in your Azure environment is preconfigured to automatically discover logs from your Azure storage account. You can enable or disable the predefined jobs from the Azure Sensor Setup Wizard (see Azure Log Collection) or within the USM Anywhere scheduler (see USM Anywhere Scheduler).

To supplement the default log location or to add log collection for Microsoft Azure Web Apps, you can create custom log collection jobs that operate through the Azure Sensor app.

Note: What an Azure log job collects depends on whether you granted contributor permissions to one of your resources or to your entire Azure subscription for the USM Anywhere application. Depending on the Azure credentials configured for the deployed Azure Sensor, the sensor could have access to individual resource groups or the whole subscription. See Create an Application and Obtain Azure Credentials for more information.

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