AlienVault® USM Central™

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in USM Central

USM Central implements role-based access control (RBAC), which provides users with

  • the ability to restrict certain users from accessing administrative capabilities like adding new users
  • predefined roles that range from read-only access to full administrative capabilities so managers can easily select the appropriate role for a new user

There are three roles in USM Central

  • Read-Only — You can access views and search the system, but cannot make system changes that impact other users.
  • Analyst — You can view and search the system and perform all the same tasks as the Read-Only role, and also view alarms.
  • Manager — This role enables Analyst permissions and also allows you to update deployments, add or configure credentials for users, and view alarms.

Predefined Roles in USM Central

Section Action Read-Only User Analyst User Manager User
Alarms Update
Deployments Create
Labels Create
Update/Delete *
Orchestration Rules Create
System Read System Events
Anywhere Autologin
Users Create User
Delete User
Update Metadata
Update My Status
Update My Security and Preferences (Self only) (Self only)  (All users)

* Analysts with Select Deployment access will not have access to this function.