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Editing Users

Role Availability Read-Only Analyst Manager

Assuming the Manager role, you can modify a number of items for the account of another user. For example, if users are unable to log in Log in (verb): Process in which an individual gains access to a computer system after providing sufficient credentials to authenticate their unique identity. Login (noun): User credentials, typically a username and matching password. because they forgot their password or no longer have an authentication Process used to verify the identity of a user, user device, or other entity, usually through a username and password. mobile device, you can perform a reset for their account.

Note: Only users having a role of Manager can edit users.

To edit a user account

  1. Go to Settings > Users to open the page that displays the list of user accounts in your USM Central environment.

    Open the Users List to manage user accounts

  2. In the row for the user account, click the icon.
  3. Make changes to the account parameters, as needed:

    Edit User Dialog Box

    Note: If you click the of your own user, the Profile page displays. See Managing Your Profile Settings for more information.

    • Change the email address for the account.
    • Change the full name for the account.
    • Change the time of the alarm auto refreshing page
    • Change the role for the account. See Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in USM Anywhere for more information
    • Change the status for the account. If you need to temporarily disable a user account, you can set the status to Disabled. This is a best practice for revoking access and usually a better alternative to deleting a user account.
    • Click Send Password Reset to reset the password for the user. When you do a password reset, the user receives an email with a link to set a new password for the account.
    • Change the deployments if needed.
    • In the Deployments section, click the button related to the settings you want to apply:
      • Click All Deployments if you want the user to have visibility over all connected deployments.
      • Click Select Deployments if you want to designate specific deployments.
    • If you click the Select Deployments button, the connected deployments will display below. Select the checkbox for each of the deployments to which you want the user to have access.

  4. Click Save.

To reset a password account

  1. Go to Settings > Users to open the users list page.
  2. Click the icon next to the user account you want to reset the password.
  3. Note: You are not allowed to change the Email address for the account.

  4. Change the Full Name for the account.
  5. Click Send Password Reset.
  6. The user receives an email with a link that enables him to change the password.

  7. Click Save.