Control User Authorization with Templates

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ AlienVault OSSIM®

Templates are reusable configurations that allow you to limit user access to parts of the USM Appliance web UI. For example, you might create different templates that give system administrators access to more areas than security engineers.

By creating a template for a group of users, you save yourself time, because the template can be reused for each new user account you create.

When you create user accounts locally in USM Appliance, you can assign a template to an individual user or a group of users with the same USM Appliance responsibilities.

When you use LDAP authenticate users , USM Appliance associates the LDAP users with the default template that's included as part of the original deployment. The default template provides full access with the exception of the part of the UI used to schedule scans.

Templates can make configuring user authorization easier. Depending on your needs, you can do any of the following:

  • Use the default USM Appliance template.
  • Create a new template for a specific user or group of users.
  • Duplicate an existing template and edit as necessary for a specific user or group of users. See Duplicate a User Account for instructions.

The parameters you can select for designing a template simply represent the different parts of the web UI. Determine which parts of the UI you want a user or group of users to have access to when designing a template.

To create a new template

  1. From the USM Appliance web interface, go to Configuration > Administration > Users > Templates and click New.

    New Templates page in USM.

  2. Specify a name for the template.
  3. Select the check boxes for specific pages or activities you want users to have access to.

    You can also use the Select All or Unselect All options to save time.

  4. Click Save Template or discard the changes by clicking Cancel.

    For instructions to edit an existing template or create a new template based on an existing template, see Edit a Template.

    For instructions to delete a template, see Delete a Template.