Error Codes When Updating from Version 5.8.0 to Version 5.8.x

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ LevelBlue OSSIM®

To ensure that your deployment meets LevelBlue's requirements, USM Appliance runs a set of diagnostic checks before updating to a new version. The update process aborts if any of the pre-checks fail.

The following table lists the various errors you may receive when updating from USM Appliance version 5.8.0 to later versions. (If you are updating from version 5.7.6 to 5.8.0, see the error codes in Operating System Upgrade in Version 5.8.0 instead.) Should you need help passing these checks, please contact LevelBlue Technical Support.

Pre-Check Error Codes and Messages
Error Code Error Message
1 alienvault-update is already running ... exiting.
2 System cannot be updated because a vulnerability scan is currently running. Try again later.
3 The system must be rebooted. Please, reboot the system before starting the update process.
4 The verification process could not be completed. Signature file not found.
5 The verification process could not be completed. Signature is invalid.
6 System cannot connect to APT. Execute 'dpkg --configure -a --force-confnew' to correct the problem.
7 Missing or wrong permissions in update script or errors in JSON.
22 Unable to obtain database password. Please, check your ossim_setup.conf file.
23 mysqlcheck command not found.
24 Your database is corrupted and cannot be repaired.
27 It seems that there are more than 200M events in the database or your indexes are corrupted.
31 Error downloading packages.
32 Error while updating a major version.
35 ossim_setup.conf has been removed. Try to recover a backup from /etc/ossim/.
40 Dash shell cannot be installed.
50 Parsing error: Some command line arguments are unknown. Please, type alienvault-update --help for more information.
52 System is unstable, some packages are not correctly installed and configured.
53 Your system does not meet the minimum requirements (For more information, review
54 Your system has less partitions than required in /dev/sda, please contact with support.
55 System is running in HA mode. If you want to update your system, please disable the HA system by running alienvault-ha-assistant -d, and then update.
56 CPU usage is above 90%, the OS update requires CPU usage to be below the threshold.
57 USM Appliance cannot be updated, packages cannot be installed.
59 ossim_setup.conf is corrupted. Profiles not found. Try to recover a backup from /etc/ossim/."
60 The command apt-get update failed. Please, check your internet connection.
61 You don't have enough disk space. Please, free up space on your hard drive.
62 A problem occurred checking your USM Appliance license. Please, check the update log for more information.
64 Database schema version mismatch.
68 System is unstable, some packages have not been updated to the latest version.
69 bash script was executed isolatedly. Please, use alienvault-update command instead.
71 No valid repositories found to perform the update.
72 Error updating kept packages.
73 Error purging packages.
74 There is no update available.
99 Error file (/usr/share/ossim-installer/temp/update-errors.json) cannot be found in the system.

You may also receive some warnings from running these pre-checks. See the following table for details.LevelBlue recommends that you review the warning messages and correct as many issues as possible, but you can proceed with the upgrade by entering y when the system asks if you want to continue.

Pre-Check Warnings
Number Warning Message
1 SSH Session detected. AlienVault recommends updating the system from a terminal to prevent possible connection problems during the update.
4 apt-get --yes autoremove --purge could not be executed.
5 Failed to install libhyperscan!
6 No event backup with less than 14 days found. It's recommended creating a new backup and copying it to an external device.
7 No configuration backup with less than 14 days found. It's recommended creating a new backup and copying it to an external device.
11 Default api periodic tasks cannot be enabled.
12 Default api periodic tasks cannot be disabled.
18 More than 3 partitions has been detected in /dev/sda. It's recommended contacting with support before proceeding.