Replace Disk Drives or Power Supplies

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ LevelBlue OSSIM®

You may need to replace a power supply or hard disk drive on an LevelBlue USM Appliance hardware should either one fail. These two components represent the most common cause of hardware failures, and can be replaced if necessary.

LevelBlue Support must confirm that your appliance needs a new disk drive or power supply before you can receive a replacement. Open a support ticket to report the issue and make your request.

See LevelBlue Technical Support for information about opening a ticket.

Replace Disk Drives

If you need to replace a disk drive for an USM Appliance hardware, you can do it while the appliance is powered up.

You can determine if an appliance has a failed disk drive by checking for a red-colored LED on the front panel of the appliance or by using the RAID management software.

To replace a disk drive

  1. Push in the red-colored switch on the carrier.

    Pushing in the red switch on a USM appliance disk drive.

  2. Use the black lever to pull the carrier out of the drive bay.

    Pulling out black lever on USM appliance disk drive.

  3. After you remove the disk drive from the carrier, you need to remove four screws.

    There are two screws on each side of the carrier.

    Screws for removing USM appliance disk drive from carrier.

  4. Confirm the replacement is the same size or larger than the failed drive.
  5. Remove the defective disk drive from the tray.
  6. Insert the new drive with the SATA connections facing the rear of the tray.

    Inserting replacement disk drive into USM appliance.

  7. Make sure the screw holes are aligned before hand-tightening the screws.
  8. Slide the drive into the bay and press the black lever to lock it.

    Pushing black lever closed on USM appliance disk drive.

Replace Power Supplies

If you need to replace a power supply for an USM Appliance hardware, you can do it while the appliance is powered up. The table below helps you determine the status of the power supplies.

700 Watt Power Supply LEDs
State Indication
Solid green System is on.
Solid amber System is off and plugged in or 5V standby is on.
Blinking amber Power supply internal temperature has reached 63 degrees Celsius. The power supply will shut down if the temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius.

To identify a failed power supply

  1. On the front panel of the appliance, look for the illuminated "i."

    Indicator on front panel of USM appliance that identifies failed power supply.

  1. On the back of the appliance, check the power supplies for an amber-colored or un-illuminated LED that indicates a power supply has failed.

    Amber-colored LED on USM appliance power supply.

To replace a power supply

  1. After you identify the failed power supply, unplug its power cord.

  2. Push the red-colored lever to the left and then pull the metal handle to release the power supply.

    Red-colored lever that releases USM appliance power supply.

    The power supply should release from the bay.

  3. Insert the replacement power supply into the bay.

    Inserting replacement power supply on USM appliance.

  4. Confirm the power supply is locked in place by gently pulling on its metal handle.

    Pulling handle on USM appliance power supply.

  5. Plug the power cord into the replacement power supply and make sure that the LEDs are green for both power supplies.

    Checking for green LEDs on USM appliance power supplies.