AlienVault OSSIM® Installation Process

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ AlienVault OSSIM®

Download AlienVault OSSIM

The free, open source AlienVault OSSIM® ISO file can be found on the AlienVault OSSIM product page. Download the ISO file and save it to your computer. Before installation, be sure to make sure you have met the system requirements listed below. AlienVault OSSIM does not support paravirtualization, and requires full virtualization for network and storage.

Minimum System Requirements

For an installation of AlienVault OSSIM, the minimum system requirements are as follows

  • 2 CPU cores
  • 4-8 GB RAM
  • 50 GB HDD
  • E1000 compatible network cards

Note: These are only minimum system requirements for basic operation, and may not be the optimal settings for all instances. For example, an instance of AlienVault OSSIM processing an average of 1000-2000 EPS (events per second), a system with 8 CPU Cores, 16-24 GB RAM, and a 500 GB-1TB HDD would be recommended.

Install AlienVault OSSIM on a Virtual Machine

Once you've downloaded the AlienVault OSSIM ISO file, you can install it to your virtual machine.

To install AlienVault OSSIM

  1. In your virtual machine, create a new VM instance using the ISO as the installation source.

  2. Once you have initiated the new Debian 8.x 64-bit instance, select Install AlienVault OSSIM (64 Bit) and press Enter.

  3. The installation process takes you through a series of setup options. Choose the appropriate options for the following

    • Select Language
    • Select Location
    • Keymap to use

    The installation then loads the necessary components and detects settings.

  4. Next, configure the network by assigning the following

    • IP Address
    • Netmask
    • Gateway
    • DNS Server Address

    The IP address will be the web address you use to access the AlienVault OSSIM web UI.

  5. The installer will then have you set up the root password. This will be used for the root login account in the AlienVault OSSIM console.

  6. The message prompt will have you set up your timezone as the final step.

  7. The AlienVault OSSIM is completed by the installer.

    You can now log in to the system by using the root account and entering the password you designated in the setup process.

Web UI Access

Once the installation process is complete, you can then access the web UI and set up your admin account.

To begin using AlienVault OSSIM

  1. Open your web browser and type the IP address you used in the setup process into the navigation bar.

    The browser may give you a connection privacy warning. If this happens, click advanced and then Proceed to (the IP address you entered).

  2. Create an admin account on the Welcome page by filling in all the fields. Click Start Using AlienVault to enter the web UI and begin your USM Appliance Initial Setup.