USM Anywhere™

USM Anywhere Reports

AlienVault USM Anywhere has a robust reporting function that allows you to create detailed reports on a broad range of details in your environment.

The Reports section of USM Anywhere contains three main sections:

  • Saved Reports — This page contains all of the reports that have been saved in USM Anywhere. You can filter the reports by category and whether or not they are scheduled to run at set intervals (see Create and Schedule Reports). You can edit, copy, or delete the reports from this page, or review previously run reports. See Saved Reports on USM Anywhere.
  • Compliance Templates. Report templates related to PCI, NIST CSF, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 compliance protocols are accessible from this page. See USM Anywhere Compliance Templates.
  • Event Type Templates. Report templates based event data sources or types of event data sources are contained on this page. See USM Anywhere Event Type Templates.

You can also create custom reports from the Create Alarms Report, Create an Assets Report, and Create an Events Report pages.