AlienVault® USM Anywhere™

Start Using USM Anywhere

After you have initialized your new USM Anywhere Sensor and you have configured it in the Setup Wizard, you can start using it. See these links for more information:

Once you click the Start Using USM Anywhere button, the page for entering the login and the password displays:

Entering your login and password

USM Anywhere requires all passwords to have a minimum length of 8 characters and a maximum length of 128 characters. The password must contain numerical digits (0–9), uppercase letters (A–Z), and lowercase letters (a–z). Special characters, such as hyphen (-) and underscore ( _ ) are supported but optional.

Note: USM Anywhere passwords expire after 90 days. When your password expires, USM Anywhere enforces a password change when you next log in to the system using the current (now expired) password. A new password must be different from the previous four passwords.

There are three roles in USM Anywhere:

Important: There is a maximum number of sessions per user. Users whose role is Manager can log in to USM Anywhere from up to three different browsers at the same time. Users whose role is Analyst or Read-Only can log in to USM Anywhere up to two different browsers at the same time.

See User Management for all the information related to users.