Cloud Connector List View

Role Availability Read-Only Investigator Analyst Manager

Through USM Anywhere you can manage your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a suite of cloud computing services from Amazon that make up an on-demand platform giving users access to their computing resources. Cloud Connector according to your needs. The AWS Cloud Connector page enables you to add new Cloud Connectors, edit deployed Cloud Connectors, delete and redeploy Cloud Connectors, and edit a Cloud Connector to modify its name or description. Go to Data Sources > Cloud Connectors to open the Cloud Connectors main page.

Cloud Connectors Main Page

The page displays the list of AWS Cloud Connectors you have deployed in your environment.

The following table lists the default columns that appear in the AWS Cloud Connector list view, and their descriptions.

List of the Default Columns in the AWS Cloud Connectors Page
Columns Field Name Description
Connector Name of the deployed Cloud Connector.
Account ID Identifier (ID) of the AWS account.
Type The Cloud Connector type. This value is always AWS S3.

Status of the Cloud Connectors, which can be the following:

Awaiting configuration: The Cloud Connector has been added to the USM Anywhere environment, but it hasn't been configured in your cloud account.

Active: The Cloud Connector is connected and configured.

Disabled: The Cloud Connector isn't enabled.

Idle: The Cloud Connector hasn't received data in the last hour.

Not receiving data: The Cloud Connector hasn't received data in the latest 24 hours.

Offline: The Cloud Connector is offline.

Error (24 HRS) Errors in the latest 24 hours. You can click the number of a row to open the errors tab. See Viewing AWS Cloud Connector Details for more information.
Enabled Icon to indicate and change the Cloud Connector from enabled () to () or vice versa.
Button to view, edit, and delete a Cloud Connector. See Viewing AWS Cloud Connector Details, Editing an AWS Cloud Connector, and Deleting an AWS Cloud Connector for more information.

Use the icon to expand the specific information about an AWS Cloud Connector. There is a graph to see the bucket events by the latest 24 hours or past seven days, and a button to download the associated AWS CloudFormation template. You can click the number below the errors columns to open and see the detected errors. See Viewing AWS Cloud Connector Details for more information.

Details of a Cloud Connector from the main page