Viewing AWS Cloud Connector Details

Role Availability Read-Only Investigator Analyst Manager

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a suite of cloud computing services from Amazon that make up an on-demand platform giving users access to their computing resources. Cloud Connector details page provides in-depth information on an AWS Cloud Connector. There is a graph to see the bucket events in the latest 24 hours, and seven days, and a button to download the AWS CloudFormation template. You can also find the details of the buckets related to that Cloud Connector and see any detected errors.

To view the details of an AWS Cloud Connector

  1. Go to Data Sources > Cloud Connectors to open the page.
  2. Click the icon of the sensor for which you want to view its details, and then select View Connector.

    Cloud Connectors Details

    Use the icon to disable the AWS Cloud Connector.

    Note: Only users in Manager and Analyst roles can enable and disable AWS Cloud Connectors.

    Click the Errors tab to see the detected errors.

    Cloud Connectors Details, Errors Tab