USM Anywhere™

Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Hyper-V

Pre-installation Checklist

  • Hyper-V Manager or Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2
  • 4 cores and 12 GB of memory dedicated to the Hyper-V
  • 150 GB of disk space
  • Set a static IP address of the network interface used for Management, Log Collection, and Network Scanning
  • Internet connectivity
  • Network topology information available to run asset discovery
  • Port mirroring setup for network monitoring
  • Have administrative credentials for authenticated asset scans
  • Have administrative credentials for your devices (Log forwarding)
  • (Optional) Access to a span port to monitor network traffic for IDS

USM Anywhere Deployment

1 Install Sensor

For further information, see Create the Hyper-V Virtual Machine.

2 Connect Sensor to USM Anywhere

For further information, see Hyper-V Sensor Connection to USM Anywhere.

3 Launch the Setup Wizard

For further information, see Network Setup and Configuration

4 Start using USM Anywhere

Important: You can see the detailed information about how to deploy a Hyper-V Sensor on Hyper-V Sensor Deployment