USM Anywhere™

Create the VMware Virtual Machine

AT&T Cybersecurity provides a download package, which contains the VMware Open Virtualization Format (OVF) template that you can import and deploy the USM Anywhere Sensor on a VMware ESXi host.

Important: If you are using VMware ESXi 5.1 through 6.0, the VMware vSphere Desktop Client is required for deployment of the USM Anywhere Sensor OVF. You cannot use the VMware vSphere Web Client interface for the sensor deployment.

If you are using VMware ESX 6.5, you must have build 7388607 or later. Earlier builds have an issue with the OVF tools that will cause the sensor OVF deployment to fail.

If the OVF package is invalid and can't be deployed, and you get a SHA256 Error message, see The OVF Package Is Invalid and Cannot Be Deployed - SHA256 Error for more information.

Warning: The VMware Sensor requires all five Network Interface Cards (NICs) to be enabled. The USM Anywhere update will fail if not all five NICs are associated to some network (active or inactive).

See Configure Network Interfaces for On-Premises Sensors for more information about these interfaces.

Depending on your version of ESXi, use one of these procedures to import the sensor OVF and create the USM Anywhere Sensor virtual machine (VM).