Alarm and Event Notifications

USM Anywhere provides support for direct integration with Slack, Datadog, and PagerDuty as notification methods, as well as integration with Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to support custom integrations with other messaging services. With direct integration, you can create an orchestration rule that sends notifications to a Slack channel, Datadog event console, or PagerDuty incident management console. With an Amazon SNS integration, you can create an orchestration rule that publishes notification requests to your Amazon SNS for message delivery.

Edition: The Notification integrations are available in the Standard and Premium editions of USM Anywhere.

See the Affordable pricing to fit every budget page for more information about the features and support provided by each of the USM Anywhere editions.

See Orchestration Rules for details about creating orchestration rules.

Before you can create a notification orchestration rule in your environment, you must define one or more of these integrations in USM Anywhere.

This section includes the following topics: