AlienVault® USM Anywhere™

Creating an AWS Access Key

USM Anywhere requires an access key to make programmatic calls to AWS API operations. These access keys consist of an access key ID and a secret access key.

To create an AWS Access Key ID

  1. Log in to your AWS Account and go to the Amazon SNS console.
  2. Create a new user (see the Add User page).
  3. Select Programmatic access.
  4. Click Next: Permissions.
  5. Click Attach existing policies directly.
  6. Click Create policy.
  7. Create a policy with the following code:

    { "Version":"2012-10-17",

    "Statement":[{ "Effect":"Allow", "Action":"sns:Publish", "Resource":"arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:ACCOUNT_ID:USMA" } ] }

  8. Replace ACCOUNT_ID and USMA with the ID of your AWS Account and the name of the SNS Topic you created (Setting Up an SNS Topic and a Lambda Function).
  9. Attach the new policy you created.
  10. Attach also the AmazonSNSReadOnlyAccess policy or manually add permissions to list topics ("Resource": "*").
  11. Click Next and Create User.

Note: Copy the access key ID and secret access key, which you will need to configure Amazon SNS in USM Anywhere.