Creating a Remote Support Session

After you confirm that you have a connection to LevelBlue Technical Support, you are ready to start a session. When LevelBlue Technical Support Engineers complete their work on an issue, they communicate the results to you by email and update your ticket.

Note: USM Anywhere provides an audit trail of the LevelBlue Technical Support Engineers accessing your instance by creating a temporary user with the username of <user> These users are disabled after the session ends, and you can view them under Settings > Users.

To enable remote sensor support

  1. Open your virtualization management console and connect to the USM Anywhere Sensor virtual machine (VM).

    Important: Alternatively, you can open an SSH session to the sensor VM. When using an SSH session, the default username is sysadmin.

    If you are accessing a Microsoft Azure Sensor through SSH and you specified a username other than the default (sysadmin) for your SSH access, you must use the following commands at the command line to "sudo up" and access the sensor console:

    # sudo su – sysadmin

  2. From the USM Anywhere Sensor console System Menu, select Maintenance and press Enter.

    Select the Maintenance option from the console System menu

  3. From the Maintenance menu, select Remote Support and press Enter.

    Select the Remote Support option from the console Maintenance menu

  4. From the Remote Support menu, select Enable Remote Support and press Enter ( < OK > ).

    Select the Enable Remote Support option from the console Remote Support menu

  5. On the Enable Remote Support screen, enter the eight-digit ticket number and press Enter ( < OK > ).

    Enter your ticket number for the LevelBlue support session

    Important: Be careful not to enter any spaces before or after the number or the operation will fail.

    A progress bar appears and your request begins processing, which may take several seconds.

    When the connection is established with the Support server, the system displays a connection message.

    Connected to LevelBlue Support. Press Enter to continue.

  6. Press Enter.

    The USM Anywhere Sensor console returns you to the to the Remote Support screen.

  7. To disconnect after your session is done, select Disable Remote Support and press Enter.

    The Manage Connectivity information screen appears and prompts you to confirm.

    Are you sure you want to disconnect from LevelBlue Remote Support?

  8. Select Yes.

    The screen goes black and, after several seconds, you receive a notification that the secure connection is now disconnected. You can then back out of the previous menus and close the sensor console.