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MDR Security: Get Managed Detection and Response Services

Whether you’re looking for a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider or you’re an MSSP looking to add MDR services to your portfolio, AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) can get you there fast and affordably.

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Partner with AlienVault to Deliver a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Offering

500+ MSSPs trust AlienVault® Unified Security Management® (USM) to deliver their managed security and compliance services.

AlienVault USM uniquely combines multiple essential security capabilities in a unified cloud platform that’s fast to deploy and easy to use. With it, MSSPs can expand into MDR services quickly, efficiently, and with a rapid ROI.

Learn more about the benefits of building your managed detection and response offering with AlienVault below.

Find an AlienVault Partner for MDR as a Service

When you outsource your threat detection and incident response activities to an AlienVault MSSP Partner, you can achieve continuous security monitoring without investing the time or resources required to build and maintain a 24x7 monitoring infrastructure.

A Certified AlienVault MSSP Partner can deliver high-value security and compliance services built on our award-winning USM platform, protecting your critical IT against emerging threats.

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Expand and Scale Your Portfolio: MDR Services powered by AlienVault USM

For managed security service providers, the growing demand for MDR services creates an opportunity to differentiate their business and add value by helping their clients defend and respond to cyber threats. With AlienVault USM, MSSPs can accelerate the delivery of MDR, be more efficient, and realize a rapid time to value.

AlienVault USM delivers advanced threat detection and incident response capabilities in a unified platform. It combines the essential security capabilities and threat intelligence needed for a robust managed detection and response program. Rather than juggle multiple security products to monitor your customers’ environments, you can deploy AlienVault USM for faster managed detection and response with fewer resources required.

The essential security capabilities in AlienVault USM work in concert to power Managed Detection and Response as a Service:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection (IDS)
  • SIEM Event Correlation
  • Cloud Security Monitoring
  • SaaS Monitoring (e.g., Office 365)
  • Security Services Monitoring (e.g., Okta)
  • Compliance-certified Log Management
  • Compliance Reporting

Everything you Need for Complete Threat Hunting in One Solution

As an MSSP, your goal is to minimize cost and complexity as you expand your security infrastructure. AlienVault USM helps you do just that. The unified platform eliminates the time, expense, and resources required to integrate and maintain a stack of point security products in your SOC environment. Instead, you can deploy one unified platform that coordinates multiple essential security capabilities and curated threat intelligence. So, instead of a lengthy deployment with weeks or months of engineering and integration work, you can fully deploy in days and focus on service delivery and the expansion of your business.

Security Automation and Orchestration: The Engine behind MDR

MSSPs rely on technologies and processes that can scale to meet the pace and volume of threats affecting their customers. Security automation and orchestration is a key ingredient in the MSSP recipe, and AlienVault USM bakes it in.

With out-of-the-box integrations with third-party security services, such as Palo Alto Networks, Carbon Black, and Cisco Umbrella, your MSSP technical teams can automate and orchestrate incident response activities directly within AlienVault USM. For example, as soon as our platform detects an active threat, it can automatically execute a response action via Cisco Umbrella or Palo Alto to block communications from the cyber attacker.

By automating threat hunting, investigation activities, and incident response, AlienVault USM enables our MSSP partners to rapidly scale their incident response capabilities so that they can better protect their customers against fast-moving threats and attacks.

Monitor your customers’ entire attack surface with centralized security visibility

In order to manage threats and automate responses, you need to full security visibility of all of your customers’ critical assets, wherever they reside. And because your customers’ IT assets extend from their on-premises networks to public cloud infrastructure and SaaS apps, you must be able to detect and respond to threats across this entire attack surface.

AlienVault USM centralizes security monitoring across your customers’ cloud and on-premises environments, so that you can detect threats wherever they unfold.

Know which threats to investigate first (and what to do next)

Just like first responders, MSSP analysts rely on effective triage and prioritization. Knowing which security events to focus on first and what to do about them is essential. Cyber threats unfold in many different ways. That’s why AlienVault USM uses multiple built-in detection technologies to detect threats at many points along the “cyber kill chain.” This ensures that you can detect more threats and detect them earlier than with point security tools alone.

The built-in security analytics and intelligence in AlienVault USM also uses the cyber kill chain approach, automatically prioritizing alarms according how advanced or severe the threat is. As a result, you can quickly determine which threats pose the greatest risk to your customers’ security posture and respond efficiently.

In addition, each alarm provides specific response guidance from the AlienVault Labs Security Research team, for targeted response and faster mitigation.

See all of your customer deployments – Everywhere

AlienVault USM Central™ delivers the big picture by consolidating all of your AlienVault USM customer deployments into a single federation console. USM Central eliminates the burden of deploying and managing on-premises equipment at every customer site. USM Central installs rapidly and automatically scales as your customer base grows. Additionally, you can accelerate MDR operations by quickly zeroing in on a specific customer alarm and pivoting to another without wasting time logging in and logging out of separate consoles (or hunting down different credentials).

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