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Governments and Backdoors | AT&T Cybersecurity

Should governments be given backdoors to technology products? British PM Theresa May has been waging a long battle against encryption, stating that end-to-end encryption in apps like WhatsApp is “completely unacceptable” and that it provides a safe haven for terrorists. The argument crops up repeatedly, whenever there is a terrorist incident; governments begin to lean on technology ...

Juniper ScreenOS Backdoor Eavesdropping | AT&T Cybersecurity

One backdoor allows an attacker to gain administrator access via a hardcoded master password while another allows for passive decryption of VPN traffic. In the case of the master password exploit, administrators can easily upgrade their Juniper firewall’s operating system to the latest version (that includes the patch) and that’s it.

Daserf – A Backdoor to Espionage | AT&T Cybersecurity

Background Daserf is an example of a backdoor, malware that provides attackers with access to the compromised system. It’s commonly used for data theft, as you can see from the number of AlienVault blog posts that include the term. The Daserf malware has been around for about 10 years, created by a low-profile team that the security response crew at Symantec named ‘Tick’. Daserf is used ...

2021 Bluetooth Security Risks, Attacks and Best Practices ...

Basically they can use the backdoor to spy on your activity. They may even be able to pretend to be you on social media or your online banking! Mobile Protection for Employees. Provides real time visibility into mobile risk on employee devices and integrates with leading Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions.

Mac OS X trojan encryption routines found in a Linux backdoor

AT&T Cybersecurity Insights™ Report: 5G and the Journey to the Edge Learn more

2021 Sharepoint Vulnerability & CVE-2021-0604 Exploit ...

The CVE-2019-0604 (Sharepoint) exploit and what you need to know AT&T Alien Labs has seen a number of reports of active exploitation of a vulnerability in Microsoft Sharepoint (CVE-2019-0604). One report by the Saudi Cyber Security Centre appears to be primarily targeted at organisations within the kingdom. An earlier report by the Canadian Cyber Security Centre identified similar deployment ...

2021 SOC Processes and Procedures | AT&T Cybersecurity

Review and respond to any activity that indicates an adversary has infiltrated your environment. This can range from the installation of a rootkit/RAT or backdoor taking advantage of an existing vulnerability to network communications between an internal host and a known bad IP address associated with a cyber adversary’s C2 infrastructure.

Malware Analysis using Osquery | Part 3 | AT&T Alien Labs

Use Case 1: Detecting system backdoor persistence. Now we will see how to create a custom orchestration rule to detect malicious activities using the events generated by the Alienvault Agent. The first thing we have to do is to search for interesting events that come from the AlienVault Agent data source.

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