The Science of Cybersecurity: A new way of thinking for European Organizations

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As organizations across Europe continue to adapt to large-scale WFH policies, CISOs and cybersecurity leaders must work in parallel to address new and heightened cyber risks to meet evolving business demands. Adjusting to how you help to protect employees, critical data, and intellectual property requires a new way of thinking.

Join us for a fireside chat with Phil Quade, the CISO of Fortinet and the author of “The Digital Big Bang: The Hard Stuff, The Soft Stuff, And The Future of Cybersecurity.” We will discuss best practices organizations can put in place to quickly, efficiently, and effectively help protect workers at all locations, critical data, and intellectual property as part of a business continuity plan - now and in the future. We’ll discuss:

  • What we’ve learned about enhancing cyber defenses for the “new normal” business expectations

  • Why training your employees for cybersecurity resiliency is critical for your business

  • Best practices to help protect your network and remote workers against threats

  • How to be prepared and plan for what’s next

Meet Your Hosts:

Theresa Lanowitz

Director, AT&T Cybersecurity

Phil Quade

CISO, Fortinet