Shorter, Faster Threat Detection and Response with AlienVault and Cisco

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Threats continue to increase in sophistication and frequency, your environment is getting more complex with the addition of cloud infrastructure, and your siloed security tools leave you struggling to get a unified view of your security posture.  How can you reduce the time to detect and defend against malware in today’s environment?  It’s not enough to wait for malware to reach your network or endpoints before you try to detect and stop it.  What if you could identify and block threats earlier?  With Cisco Umbrella and AlienVault USM Anywhere, you can.  

Join us for a 45-minute webcast to learn how you can quickly improve your threat detection and response time with AlienVault USM Anywhere and Cisco Umbrella.  During this session, you’ll learn about each product and see how the integration enables you to:

  • Focus on threat response and not writing complex security analytics rules
  • Get prioritized, contextual alarms leveraging threat intelligence from both Cisco and AlienVault
  • Automate policy enforcement between the platforms for rapid response
  • Enhance threat visibility and reduce mean time to detection & response

Meet Your Host

Jeff Olen

Product Manager

Jeff joined the AlienVault product management team in 2016, with a primary focus on the USM Anywhere platform. He has more than 15 years of experience managing award-winning software products in a variety of industries including security, education, legal and digital media.