Practitioners Guide to a SOC

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SOC Talk: Build a security operations center on a real-world budget
A nuts-and-bolts discussion of SOC essentials with a review the evolution of SOCs and explain exactly what you’ll need for 20/20 visibility into:

  • What assets are in your environment, and which need priority protection
  • Which assets have known vulnerabilities
  • Which assets are under attack, by what type of exploit
  • Whether a breach has already occurred
  • How to prioritize your response activities

Meet Your Host

Joe Schreiber

Solutions Architect

Joe Schreiber is a Solutions Architect with AlienVault who has been doing IT security since the days of dial–up. With his team at AT&T Managed Security Services, Joe built one of the world's largest SIEM systems, bringing thousands of devices under real time security management and monitoring more than 2 petabytes of network traffic daily. With Joe's insight and experience, this is guaranteed to be an hour well spent.