PCI DSS vulnerability scanning: A compliance practitioner’s perspective

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Industry data indicates that PCI DSS Requirement 11, "Regularly test security systems and processes," is the most commonly failed requirement. In this webcast, we’ll take a close look at PCI DSS vulnerability scanning requirements and discuss how to prepare for your PCI DSS audit with regular internal and external vulnerability scanning practices. AT&T Cybersecurity Compliance analyst, Caryn Seippel, will share a practitioner's perspective on addressing this challenging requirement as well as common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. Attend this webcast to learn:

  • Which PCI DSS requirements map to vulnerability scanning and how
  • Best practices and tips from a compliance practitioner
  • How AT&T Cybersecurity solutions can help address PCI DSS vulnerability scanning
  • A live demo of USM Anywhere

Meet Your Hosts:

Danielle Russell

Group Product Marketing Manager

Caryn Seippel

Manager of Risk and Compliance