AlienVault Partner Program - An Intro to AlienVault USM

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Join our partner webcast to learn about the our award-winning, easy-to-sell AlienVault USM platform and the AlienVault Partner Program. Traditional SIEM solutions promise to provide customers what they need – but the path to get there is one most can’t afford. SIEM solutions integrate and analyze the data produced by other security technologies that are already deployed, but unfortunately most mid-market organizations don’t have those other technologies deployed yet, or don't have the resources and time to do the data correlation to make the SIEM solution useful. This offers an opportunity for you to capitalize on the benefits of AlienVault USM™. Once your prospects understand our approach to unified security management, it becomes a very quick sales cycle.

  • An intro to AlienVault USM
  • Identifying Target Buyers
  • Qualify prospects quickly with a simple set of questions
  • How to sell the benefits of USM for easier and faster threat detection

The session will conclude with an overview of the AlienVault Partner Program and live Q & A.