Introducing AlienVault USM Anywhere - Live Demo plus Q&A Session

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AlienVault USM Anywhere delivers phenomenal threat detection, incident response, and compliance for cloud and on-premises environments. With its multitude of security capabilities, continuous threat intelligence, integrations, and modern features all built into one unified platform, USM Anywhere delivers everything you need to start detecting and responding to threats on day one.

The best way to discover everything AlienVault USM Anywhere has to offer is to see it live in action!

Join AlienVault technical experts as they walk through USM Anywhere in a live demo plus Q&A session. Our experts will demonstrate the key features of the platform that accelerate and simplify security management for organizations of all sizes, including:

  • Automated log collection and analysis across public cloud and on-premises networks
  • Vulnerability assessment with automated risk prioritization
  • Multiple threat detection methods and correlation fueled by AlienVault Labs Threat Intelligence that enable faster, earlier threat detection
  • Investigating alarms with OTX, querying, search and filtering capabilities
  • Using AlienApps for security orchestration and automated incident response
  • Pre-built compliance reporting templates and rich, customizable dashboards

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