Improve Situational Awareness for Federal Government with AlienVault® USM™

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Securing your network from threats is a constantly evolving challenge, especially for federal government agencies with much valuable data to protect, and where IT security resources are often limited. AlienVault has helped many government organizations get complete security visibility for effective threat detection and response, without breaking the bank.

Watch now to see how AlienVault USM addresses these key IT security needs:

  • Discover all IP-enabled assets to get an accurate picture of attack surface
  • Identify vulnerabilities like insecure configurations and unpatched software
  • Improve situational awareness with real-time threat detection and alerting
  • Speed incident containment & response with built-in remediation guidance for every alert
  • Investigate anomalies in protocol usage, privilege escalation, host behavior and more
  • Generate fast & accurate reports for compliance & management

Meet Your Host

Victor Obando

Sales Engineer

Victor Obando is part of AlienVault's Sales Engineering group. Passionate about technology, Victor has been assisting organizations as a technology adviser and security advocate for over 12 years. With experience in management, virtualization, security and compliance - he’s been able to to help organizations of all sizes reach their technology goals.