How to Implement Effective Security Monitoring for AWS Environments

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Building your own secure services on AWS requires properly using what AWS offers and adding additional controls to fill the gaps. This webcast will cover AWS Security best practices and how AlienVault can help you take these best practices further to get complete visibility into the security of your AWS environment. Plus, CeloPay, an AWS and AlienVault customer, will share how they were able to improve threat detection and compliance for their AWS environment using AlienVault. 

In this webcast, we'll cover:

  • AWS security monitoring best practices to help you implement a secure, scalable solution
  • How the AWS security monitoring capabilities of the AlienVault solution complement AWS security features
  • Real-world examples from AWS and AlienVault customer CeloPay on benefits gained from AlienVault
  • A short demo of key AWS security monitoring use cases made easy with AlienVault

Meet Your Host

Ryan Leatherbury

AlienVault Product Manager