AWS Security & Compliance: How To Get The Visibility and Control You Need

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Most enterprises - whether large or small - are quickly reaping the benefits of the cloud. Cloud service providers, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), offer flexibility and scalability to businesses in every industry.

The AWS shared responsibility model establishes that infrastructure security is Amazon’s responsibility and everything else is up to the customer. Specifically, the customer is responsible for protecting data within applications, monitoring how users are accessing this data, detecting threats, and implementing AWS incident response.

AlienVault USM Anywhere, with its purpose-built AWS sensor, provides you with the security awareness and threat intelligence that you need to be able to detect and respond to threats and to manage compliance in your AWS environments.

In this webcast, we'll cover:

  • AWS Security monitoring best practices to help you implement a secure scalable solution
  • Real world example from AWS and AlienVault customer CeloPay on benefits gained from AlienVault
  • How the AlienVault solution complements AWS security features
  • A short demo of the key AWS security monitoring use cases with AlienVault

Meet Your Hosts:

Rich Langston

Sr Technical Marketing Manager

Jason Harper

CEO & Founder, CeloPay

Aaron Genereaux

Sr Sales Engineer