Brute Force Attacks: Keeping the Bots at Bay with AlienVault USM

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Brute force attacks are relatively simple for attackers to implement and they can wreak havoc on your organization if you don’t detect them and shut them down quickly. Join us for a live demo, where we’ll demonstrate a brute force attack (simulated, of course!) and show how AlienVault USM can help you detect and investigate these types of attacks.

You'll learn:

  • How attackers can use brute force attacks to gain access to your network
  • Measures you can take to better secure your environment to detect and prevent these attacks
  • How AlienVault USM alerts you immediately of brute force attack attempts
  • How to use AlienVault USM to investigate an attack and identify compromised assets

Meet Your Host

Jake Mosher

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Jake is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at AlienVault, responsible for go-to-market strategy, product messaging and positioning, and sales enablement. Prior to AlienVault, Jake held various Product Marketing and Strategy roles at Symantec Corporation. Jake has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA in Business Economics from UCLA.