What Makes AlienVault Different?

In this interview with Dark Reading at Blackhat 2016, Brian Gillooly and Roger Thorton discuss what makes AlienVault different from other security software companies.

Video Transcript

ROGER: So, I do want to get into OTX. I want to get into behavioral monitoring, a whole bunch of important issues, but let's talk a little bit about the security market is so complex. What makes AlienVault different? What is it you do and how are you different from your competitors?

BRIAN: Let me give you a little background about the company.

ROGER: Sure.

BRIAN: So the company was founded in 2007, and one of the things that makes us really unique is our founders were actually security practitioners who were operating a SOC. So they were struggling, like a lot of our viewers are, with that complexity that you just mentioned. So many products, that cost a lot of money, that take a lot of time to deploy, require a lot of expertise, and when you are that person that is actually in the SOC, who has got to make this stuff happen, and you have got multiple customers, it was just a crushing problem. So AlienVault's products are really the derivative of these various security practitioners. Myself and a number of other folks came in around 2011 and 2012, venture capital, money software people, but our genesis is built out of the SOC. Because of that, what makes us unique in the marketplace, we have got a product that takes a unified approach to security, and we will talk a little bit more in detail, but to do detection, there is no one magic bullet or product you buy and you find everything. You actually need a number of products, and typically you will need some type of data analytics platform and some knowledge and some time. AlienVault brings all these things together in a simple, easy to use, price-efficient product. We also feed that product with our own threat intelligence, and we are going to talk about OTX as the world's largest threat intelligence platform, and then we also have our security research team that uses OTX and other feeds to help our customers keep our products that they need tuned and effectively working to find the latest threats. Since it is all in one approach, it is AlienVault.

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