What is cyber forensics?

Video Transcript

Bindu Sundaresan, Strategic Solutions Practice Lead at AT&T Cybersecurity Solutions //

So cyber forensics is reenactment step-by-step of all the events that took place, up to the data breach point. By getting forensics done, you as an organization get a better understanding of what transpired: how did the breach occur, what type of infiltration took place, what type of data got out. You will get a better understanding of what worked through that process in terms of: did you have an alert, these are the logs that you found. So you’ll get a big picture understanding of everything that occurred prior to that breach.


Todd Waskelis, Vice President at AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting //

What separates our breach investigation team apart from others is that with the clients permission, we’re able to look at internet traffic beyond their upstream router. So we're able to trace traffic well after it left the organization and see where its final destination is, therefore increasing the likelihood of finding the actors.

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