Vulnerability Scanning Services: 2-minute overview

Video Transcript

Today every business is a digital business. That reality gives rise to big opportunities and big threats of cyber attack. Hacking can be a constant concern for any business, especially those that store private client records, use the cloud, accept credit card data, or need to prove compliance with important regulations.

Security breaches are especially harmful for small to medium sized businesses, with 44% suffering cyber attacks. In fact, 60% of those attacked go out of business within 6 months.

AT&T Vulnerability Scanning Services, or VSS, shine a light on networks to help keep your business safe. It’s all about diagnosing the digital health of your business by identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they become problems. All without the cost and risk of you going it alone.

AT&T scans the devices and applications supporting your company’s business operations. With a comprehensive set of external views to create a clear and precise picture of the total threat landscape.

AT&T’s External Vulnerability Scanning looks at IP addresses from the outside in, providing a highly accurate snapshot. With fewer false positives. That scanning precision also captures the digital fingerprints of connected devices for a thorough examination of your network.

AT&T is your trusted advisor, providing vulnerability reporting with an easy to use portal that elevates your understanding of security issues, with the help of a certified security professional.

With the power of AT&T, you can quickly move to resolve security threats and focus on the big opportunities that will move your business forward.

Ask your AT&T sales representative for more information on vulnerability scanning, including affordable pricing or visit to see what AT&T Cybersecurity can do for you.

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