USM 5.0 Database Upgrade

This video takes you through the USM 5.0 platform and database upgrade processes.

Video Transcript

Hey, Aliens. Garrett here with a quick how-to on upgrading USM to version 5.0.

Version 5.0 includes an update to the database engine in order to improve performance and storage capability. With this upgrade, you can store more data for longer periods of time. You can also correlate and analyze more data in less time, accelerating your ability to detect and respond to threats.

The AlienVault Database Engine upgrade in v5.0 is separate from the AlienVault v5.0 Functional Release. This means that you can upgrade your AlienVault USM system to v5.0 first, and then upgrade the database engine at a later time. Your USM will be fully functional even without the database upgrade but will not have any of the increased performance that the update provides.

Upgrading the Platform to Version 5.0

To upgrade the USM platform, you can either update by logging into the appliance or via the web console.

To upgrade from the appliance menu, go to System Preferences > Update AlienVault System > Update System. Choose ‘yes’ to start the update.

To upgrade via the web UI, go to Configuration > Deployment and click on the ‘new updates’ arrow once it appears. Then, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Upgrade’. Click ‘OK’ when it prompts you and then the Upgrade will begin.

We perform several checks to make sure that your USM is in a healthy state before starting the upgrade:

If we detect any error while performing these checks, the upgrade process will not start and you will receive an error message. This message will direct you to contact support for further assistance.

Upgrading the Database Engine to Version 5.0

To upgrade the AlienVault database engine:

  1. Connect to the AlienVault Console via ssh and login as the root user
  2. Navigate to Maintenance & Troubleshooting, then Maintain Database, and then Upgrade AlienVault Database.
  3. Note the disclaimer - You will not be able to access the AlienVault device during the upgrade, but data will still be collected and can be accessed once the upgrade is complete.
  4. Once you choose ‘Yes’, the AlienVault database upgrade process will begin.

Once complete, you will be brought back to the appliance menu

That’s it – your USM installation is now upgraded to 5.0 and the database upgrade is complete. Please contact technical support if you have any questions or issues with this process.

Thanks for watching!

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