RSA Interview with Oxford Solutions

In this video, Managing Director of Oxford Solutions Richard White talks about the extensive evaluation process his team went through to find the right security software for their MSSP program, and why they ultimately selected AlienVault USM.

Video Transcript

RICHARD: My name is Richard White. I am the managing director for Oxford Solutions.

AV SPEAKER: Can you tell us a bit about your company as well as your managed security service offering?

RICHARD: Sure. Oxford Solutions is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) . We focus on the small, mid-sized business. Our philosophy is to bring the same level of technical proficiency that a larger multi-billion dollar company would enjoy and expect to a smaller mid-sized market focus. We want to do that with the same level of sophistication, but we want to also do that in a more dynamic and a more flexible manner at a price point that is much more palatable.

AV SPEAKER: Sure. Can you tell me a little bit about why you chose to leverage AlienVault USM? What are its advantages to not only the service provider, but also to the end user?

RICHARD: Sure. We went through an extensive--I won't go through the names, but we went through an very extensive testing and real-time, real-world evaluation--

AV SPEAKER: Of AlienVault and other vendors?

RICHARD: Of AlienVault and other vendors. Matter of fact, we decided to actually hold up on moving the business forward because we do other things too at Oxford Solutions like penetration testing, program assessments, advanced persistence threat and some forensic response capabilities, but we held up the MSSP side specifically because we wanted to really make the right decision, and that not only went into selecting the right technology, but the right vendor who was providing the technology to us. We met with your engineering team, we met with your CEO, we met with your director of sales, we met with a lot of folks as well as some of your customers, and when we got done with our tests the data echoed exactly what we had been told and I am not going to say it was a no-brainer, but it was a very easy decision to make to go with AlienVault at that time.

AV SPEAKER: So when you are crafting your solution, when you are listening to a customer about their use case they are trying to solve, what are the advantages of leveraging that for their solution, for threat detection, for instance?

RICHARD: Well, I think AlienVault provides an excellent interface and an excellent platform. It is dynamic. It has a straight-forward, right-out-of-the-box deployment capability. There are configuration and tuning periods that are associated with it, but any good product is going to have some type of tuning and some type of engineering aspects that are required out of the box, but specifically, what are the advantages? I think AlienVault has an excellent research team. They have excellent threat intelligence, how you have applied the cyber kill-chain into your framework and how those alarms dictate not only the intent of the attacker, but some very salient recommendations into mitigating that, whether it is malware or an actual attacker. There is a lot of diversity and there is a lot of flexibility in how that can be received and how that can be reacted to. Additionally, the reporting is amazing. It's very customizable. We can generate reports that are focused on senior leadership. We can generate reports that are focused on middle managers who have responsibility for a business unit or other and we can provide in-depth technical reports to the administrators and engineers who are actually doing the fingers-on-keyboard response. So there is a whole host of reasons that not only affect the way that we provide an MSSP service, but how accurate we are and how timely we can be and providing our customers, the end user, giving them the ability to see the deep visibility—what their security posture looks like and how their network is responding as well as the threat intelligence picture. All of that makes a good service, and I think that is several of the strengths that AlienVault brings.

AV SPEAKER: Final words, thoughts to the MSSP community or the greater AlienVault community?

RICHARD: We are a proud customer of AlienVault. We are proud to provide our services based on the AlienVault platform and we appreciate the level of engineering support, the level of communication, and when you are going to be an MSSP and you are not developing your own technology per se, it is extremely important to have that very well-defined and very trusted value-added relationship with your technology partner.

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