AlienVault Interview with Intrinium

In this video, Stephen Heath, director of professional services at Intrinium, talks about security concerns he sees his clients face as well as why his team decided to include AlienVault USM in their security offering.

Video Transcript

STEPHEN: My name is Stephen Heath. I am the Director of Professional Services for Intrinium. I have been with the company for about six years. Their start-up kind of got going up in the Spokan area and I have been having fun doing security stuff ever since.

AV SPEAKER: Can you tell us a bit about your managed offering that you offer through Intrinium?

STEPHEN: Yes, absolutely. So we really wanted to put together, we had a large SMB client database that we had put together and we wanted to put together an offering that we could really key in and focus on them and be able to service on them because they had no options for monitoring or for anything of the sort. I mean, most of the other partners that we looked at were non-starters, so we wanted to really key in on that. That line of business scaled very well and was very MSSP friendly.

AV SPEAKER: What are some of the primary concerns that you see customers face today in regards to security?

STEPHEN: Well, I would say it is really two things. Number one, they want to keep themselves off the front page of the paper. I mean, the data breach has gotten everyone rattled, so in my opinion, we are really seeing a lot of people coming up there really frightened about that kind of situation ending up happening, and the other thing is that honestly, it is the tail wagging the dog. The compliance in there that is really pulling people and making them think about security in a way that they really otherwise wouldn't. I mean, we have retail grocers that tell me they just want to stack hands. They want us to just bring a solution to them. They want to be able to do that.

AV SPEAKER: So they want the power of a security solution. They just don't have the manpower or the resources required.

STEPHEN: Right, exactly. So for us to be able to bring in the skill set and everything to the table and being able to bring the 24/7 SOC scenario to them is a huge draw for them because they just don't have the ability to do it themselves and likely they never would.

AV SPEAKER: Why did you decide to incorporate AlienVault USM into your security offering?

STEPHEN: Well, to be honest with you, for an SMB client base that we had just really to start off with, it was great because it scales well and we actually could go in there and get a reasonable price point that we could actually talk and engage our clients about and be able to get them in there. The beauty of it is is that is a solid product and it scales so well as we go up in the market. I mean, we have got bigger clients now that are coming down the pipeline and we are engaging with and we are doing the work with. So for these type of clients you have got a solution that is robust that can actually do everything that they needed to do, but at the same time you can actually scale it down so we are not forgetting about the client base that helped us get started in our business.

AV SPEAKER: What are some other advantages for leveraging AlienVault to the end user?

STEPHEN: Well, I really feel that a lot of the agents and everything you guys have down on the actual end-points collecting logs with the FIM and with all these other features that you guys have that are all right down in there. You can bring more than just one solution in that it is not just sitting there looking at logs all day. We are able to bring a nice robust security solution across the table to the customer through the product.

AV SPEAKER: Any tips or words of wisdom for MSSPs out there that are active or thinking of starting a managed security service?

STEPHEN: Be prepared to not sleep for a while, if you are looking to get started. You know, honestly, the biggest tip and the biggest point of advice is find good people. I mean, find good guys that are good engineers to be in you SOC that are driven that just want to be part of a team that want to help protect your customers and without that, it doesn't matter what product you have. It doesn't matter what your strategy is. None of that stuff matters. If you don't have the good people to run it, you are doomed from day one.

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