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In this video, you'll learn all about AlienVault's MSSP Program and why with it's simplicity, reliability and value, AlienVault is the technology choice for many security services.

Video Transcript

The AlienVault Managed Security Services Provider (or MSSP) program provides the technology and enablement required when offering a security solution to your customers that is both comprehensive and cost-effective. In addition to the unified security management platform, AlienVault provides continuous intelligence updates that allow you and your clients to spend time responding to threats, not researching them.

The reality in the small to medium business/midmarket space is that, while they might have the same security needs of those in the enterprise, they lack the resources required for that level of commitment. This is assuming that they are ready and willing to manage their own security infrastructure.

The predicament that security pros in the midmarket find themselves in is dealing with threats in a reactive, rather than proactive manner that makes total security awareness an unattainable goal. That and it just wastes time – something that those in the security field have limited quantities of.

This makes a completely managed security solution, especially one offered at an affordable, monthly cost, an attractive alternative to the costly and inefficient traditional approach to security.

We are seeing an exponential uptick in the amount of attacks over the last ten years and, coincidentally, the majority of potential targets are shifting from large enterprise to small-to-medium businesses. This slice of the industry has proven especially fruitful for attackers since the typical SMB lacks resources necessary to protect themselves.

This results in a huge revenue opportunity for managed service providers who can offer a simplified and affordable security service to these midmarket organizations. However, to deliver the amount of detection required at a manageable cost, MSPs need a solution that is comprehensive but easy to deploy and operate.

MSSPs who partner with AlienVault know that they’re working with an established player in the industry with over 4000 commercial customers. We are continually pushing the boundaries as noted in the Gartner SIEM magic quadrant as the only visionary for the past 4 years.

In addition - AlienVault’s Unified Security Management platform received 5 star and ‘best buy’ awards from SC media. Our partner program has also received some accolades, including a 5 star rating and “channel chief” designation from CRN.

AlienVault’s Unified Security Management platform serves as the underlying technology for many of the world’s leading managed security service providers, who happen to have great things to say about us and how successful they’ve been partnering with AlienVault.

AlienVault’s mission is to simplify and accelerate the threat detection process, allowing organizations to benefit from the power of actionable threat intelligence and a unified approach to security

We do this by offering what we call Unified Security Management; an all-in-one approach to threat detection. First, we developed a platform that combines asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring and SIEM into one very easy to manage appliance.

Then, thanks to the hard work of our in-house security experts, the AlienVault Labs team, we update the USM platform on a regular basis (on average 3-4 times a week) with intelligence to power the tools included in the USM platform.

On top of that, we layer on the power of the Open Threat Exchange, the world’s largest source of community-powered threat data, seamlessly integrated within the USM platform.

To dive a bit deeper on the benefits that you and your clients receive from our threat intelligence updates, here are the types of updates you can expect to see on a regular basis. Having a solution continuously updated with new ways to spot attacks allows you to focus on remediation and incident response, two areas that can really set your service offering apart from the competition.

Think of AlienVault Labs as an extension to your security team.

AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange takes the power of collaborative threat research and integrates it directly with the USM platform. OTX users (including industry experts like the AlienVault Labs team) publish security research in the form of pulses, collections of indicators of compromise (or IOCs) related to known malicious activity.

When you encounter any of these IOCs (IP addresses, domain names, file hashes, etc) in your environment, USM alerts you immediately. This valuable information gives additional context and can help when triaging and responding to these threats.

We understand that everyone’s environment is unique and that can present certain challenges to a “one size fits all” approach. Considering that, we’ve designed the USM platform to give you maximum flexibility to solve for use cases of all shapes and sizes.

You can deploy USM on premises, either on AlienVault hardware or in your Vmware or Hyper-V environments. You can also deploy in AWS or Azure (in lieu of on-premises hardware) if that better suits your clients’ needs. While USM starts out as an all-in-one form factor, the servers, sensors, and loggers can be broken out into individual appliances to monitor distributed environments. Another viable option is to go with a completely managed solution, through a managed service provider like you!

We don’t stop at the technology, either. AlienVault recognizes that, in addition to a powerful platform, a “pay-as-you-grow” subscription licensing model, and expert threat intelligence, the key to a successful partnership is enablement. You get access to technical resources including solution engineers and technical account managers to help with deployment, architectural guidance, and support engagements.

You’re also assigned an AlienVault account manager to support you in accomplishing your business goals and objectives as a MSSP. They can help you in positioning and pitching AlienVault, as well as maintaining and organizing your account. Or anything else you might need…

In addition - our self-service partner portal is full of useful resources including technical documentation, sample marketing assets, recorded training sessions, and more!

Put simply, the midmarket space needs the awareness that USM provides and, due to the affordability, can be the basis of a cost-effective service offering.

USM is able to be deployed in whatever form factor and service offering configuration is best for your customers. This allows you to offer a wide range of services - from simply hosting a USM instance to providing a completely managed service for your clients, all with the same underlying technology.

We at AlienVault are committed to your success and have the team, the resources, and the partner program necessary to achieve it.

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