Detecting Ransomware before it’s too Late

Once ransomware is inside your network, it can spread like wildfire. How do you know if you’ve been infected without having to wait on a user to report? And what do you do once you know?

Join us for another Expert Roundtable, where the smartest minds in the industry set aside their individual sales pitches to get you the advice you need. On this edition, we’ll be joined by experts from AlienVault, CenturyLink, KnowBe4, SolarWinds MSP, and Trend Micro.

What we'll discuss:

  • What is the base-level of multi-layered security you should be striving for?
  • Is backup still the last line of defense?
  • How to finally get through to your users and teach them what to look out for.
  • Best practices for responding to threats
  • Any questions you want to bring to the table!
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