AlienVault® USM™ Architecture & Deployment: 2-Minute Overview

AlienVault USM is architected to address the needs of smaller environments as well as larger environments, offering complete deployment flexibility. Whether you are monitoring a traditional data center, a virtualized environment or a system hosted in Amazon EC2, AlienVault can provide the essential security capabilities for your environment. Most of our products are available as a Virtual Appliance, a Hardware Appliance, and as an Amazon AMI.

Capabilities delivered immediately upon set up:

  • Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Capabilities delivered by configuring a network TAP or SPAN/Mirror port
  • Network IDS based Threat Detection
  • Netflow based Behavioral Monitoring
  • Capabilities delivered by deploying AlienVault HIDS agent
  • File/Registry Integrity Monitoring
  • System Log Collection

More about the AlienVault USM architecture and deployment options.

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