AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting – Penetration Testing

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Typical attackers don’t go straight for your data center and can often be unnoticed by automatic vulnerability scanning. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate the strength of your organization’s security controls against a human attacker.

In addition, PCI DSS mandates organizations to conduct both internal and external penetration testing annually, at a minimum, and after any significant network changes.

We can help you work towards meeting penetration testing requirements for compliance regulations as well as help you understand your risks against a human attacker.

AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting – Penetration Testing helps:

  • Identify and evaluate key attack vectors an attacker could use to compromise your organization’s critical data and assets
  • Understand the full business impact of a real-world attack
  • Gain a thorough, third-party understanding of your organization’s security posture
  • Benefit from expert guidance on prioritization and remediation

Explore the benefits of AT&T Penetration Testing Services in this solution brief.