Threat Detection Evolution: What Practitioners Need to Know

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Prevention isn’t enough, whether you deploy it on the network or endpoints or both. It’s not clear that it ever was, but there is additional proof every day that adversaries cannot be reliably stopped. We see the beginning of the long-awaited shift of focus and funding, from prevention to detection and investigation. But security practitioners have been trying to make sense of security data for years to shorten the window between compromise and detection… largely unsuccessfully. It can be exhausting to chase alert after alert, never really knowing which are false positives and which indicate real active adversaries in your environment. Something has to change. We need to advance the practice of detection, to provide better and more actionable alerts. This requires thinking more broadly about detection, and starting to integrate the various different security monitoring systems in use today.

This whitepaper by Mike Rothman, Analyst and President of Securosis, explores the following topics:

  • Why Evolve Threat Detection?
  • What Data to Collect?
  • Identifying Malicious Activity
  • Putting the Plan into Action for Better Detection

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