Forrester Now Tech: Global Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q3 2021

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As business models evolve due to changes in working styles, migration to the cloud, and adoption of edge computing, security leaders can benefit from working with third-party cybersecurity consulting vendors to help solve complex security challenges.

Cybersecurity consultancies evaluate, develop, and improve on various aspects of a security and risk program by:

  • Providing cybersecurity assessments of systems and processes
  • Helping to develop a clear cybersecurity strategy and vision
  • Serving as an authority that can help build credibility with the board and senior leaders
  • Implementing and fine-tuning security solutions
  • Responding to threats and incidents, and assisting with remediation and recovering
  • Providing guidance for regulatory frameworks and assisting with compliance and auditing
  • Providing staff augmentation for security operations, and even serving as a virtual CISO 

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