InfoSec 2018 Survey Report: Threats, Politics, and Cryptocurrency Mining

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With Infosecurity 2018 happening shortly after GDPR came into force, and thus ended months of preparation, we were interested as to whether security professionals have found GDPR to be a friend or foe over the last couple of years.

And while GDPR may have had a go-live date, cyber security is a never-ending cycle, and the job of securing technology is very rarely “done”. So we were curious as to what threats on the horizon concern CISO’s from both within and external to their organizations.

The report, based on survey data from 928 participants at Infosecurity Europe 2018, discusses key findings such as:

  • Looking forward, cloud security threats are the most concerning external threat
  • Internally, phishing (55%) and ransomware (45%) lead the pack of worries for security departments
  • 92 percent would rather pay a subscription fee, allow ads, or leave a website altogether rather than allow a website to mine cryptocurrency
  • 56 percent believe cybersecurity has become a political pawn

Read the full Infosec 2018 survey report now to learn the latest findings and trends in threats, politics and cryptocurrency mining.