Black Hat 2016: Threat Intelligence Déjà vu

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Effectively utilizing threat intelligence is as much about having the right processes in place as it is about choosing the most appropriate technologies. How to best incorporate threat intelligence is an area that many enterprises have been trying to wrap their heads around for some time. Whilst we are seeing a growing level of maturity at many organizations, the question still remains as critical and relevant. We asked attendees of Blackhat 2016 to share their opinions on threat intelligence, its uses, and effectiveness; and compared the results with previous years' findings. The questions presented to attendees included:

  • What sources of threat intelligence do you rely on?
  • What do you do with threat intelligence?
  • As a security professional, there is a moral responsibility for the industry to share threat intelligence
  • When you discover a threat, with whom do you share it?
  • Do you trust threat intelligence