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AT&T Reactive DDoS Defense

Protect your business from volume-based network attacks

per month
for 36 months

+ per mitigation instance charge

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Global visibility

Provides a global view of the threat landscape and has world-wide scrubbing facilities to protect your business


Scrubs malicious data packets, helping your business stay up and running


Helps maintain the flow of legitimate business traffic with no additional hardware or software needed

Service highlights

AT&T provides a rich ecosystem of cybersecurity technologies and strategic alliances, global oversight, and threat intelligence.

  • Cybersecurity expertise
  • Comprehensive ecosystem
  • Threat intelligence
  • Network platform virtualization

Together, we can help you manage risk, prevent harm, and elevate trust, more simply and with no need for additional equipment.

Help manage risk

Attackers can flood your website with traffic that overwhelms your servers and shuts your site down. With AT&T Reactive DDoS Defense simply contact the threat management center when you identify a potential attack and we’ll mitigate attack traffic according to a predefined plan built around your preferences.

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