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AT&T Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service screens data packets that flow into your network, in near-real time.

Features and options

Data packet screening Any packets appearing to be suspicious are analyzed and responded to
24/7 data monitoring Network monitoring and reporting on a 24/7 basis
Expert help AT&T security professionals available at global 24/7 security operation centers

How it works

As detailed as airport security checkpoints screen ticketed passengers, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service also screens in detail data packets flowing into your network, in near-real time. Suspicious packets are closely analyzed, and a course of action is provided.

Potential benefits

The benefits of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service

Help save money

Save money by protecting the data and devices on your network—detect, contain, and neutralize known threats.

Stay proactive

Stay proactive in defending against future attacks by keeping attack signature databases up to date.

Help save time

Save time in avoiding false alarms by distinguishing anomalies from actual attacks.


Solution Brief

AT&T firewalls with optional intrusion detection feature to help prevent attacks (PDF).


Fortify your network defenses by anticipating and blocking threats.

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