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AT&T Guardicore

Fight cyberbreaches with microsegmentation. Prevent and contain lateral movement and malicious attacks by enforcing zero trust across your environment.

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Comprehensive protection at scale

Prevent lateral movement in ransomware attack and quickly contain damage if compromised.

Protect workloads in any environment and safeguard critical applications via segmentation.

Meet compliance requirements for microsegmentation (PCI/DSS and SWFT).

Supports breach insurance coverage requirements.

Simplify security management across cloud, data centers, and physical assets with one platform.

Features of AT&T Guardicore

Comprehensive protection at scale



Multiple protection methods Designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Integrate threat intelligence, defense, and breach detection capabilities to reduce incident response time.
Detailed, AI-powered segmentation Implement policies in a few clicks using AI recommendations, templates for remediating ransomware and other common use cases, and precise workload attributes like processes, users, and domain names.
Real-time and historical visibility Map application dependencies and flows down to the user and process levels on a real-time or historical basis.
Broad platform support Cover modern and legacy operating systems across bare-metal servers, virtual machines, containers, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud instances.
Flexible asset labeling Add rich context with a customizable labeling hierarchy and integration with orchestration tools and configuration management databases.

Use Cases

Visualizing across your IT environments

Prevent ransomware

Secure cloud migration

Achieve Zero Trust

Safeguard remote workforce

Accelerate compliance

Protect your endpoints

Ring-fence critical applications

Replace internal firewalls


Product Brief

Implement software-based microsegmentation to enforce zero trust

Product Brief

Fight cyberbreaches with microsegmentation


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