May 2015 - How to Sell AlienVault USM & Fortigate UTM for Complete Threat Management

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AlienVault provides Fine Tec resellers with an all-in-one security management platform (AlienVault USM) that combines essential security capabilities with expert threat intelligence. And, when using AlienVault USM along with the FortiGate UTM or other NGFW products, your customers can achieve best-in-class threat intelligence, detection, and remediation guidance.

Join us for a live demo, so we can introduce you to AlienVault and provide you with the resources you need to start selling AlienVault USM right away! We’ve seen many Fortigate UTM customers quickly add AlienVault to their security portfolio. So, let us teach you how to quickly identify and sell those deals.


  • AlienVault Introduction
  • USM and UTM for complete Threat Prevention, Detection & Response
  • Tips for Selling USM+UTM
  • Partner Registration Process
  • Partner Incentives
  • Q&A