How to Win More Deals and Make More Money with AlienVault Threat Intelligence

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AlienVault Threat Intelligence is essential for keeping organizations up to date on the cyber threat landscape and detecting the latest threats, and can be a key differentiator for your customers. Most security platforms simply collect data, and require additional resources to process the data and perform the correlation analysis necessary to identify threats. Busy IT security teams, especially in the mid-market, often don’t have the time or resources to do this threat analysis on their own. They turn to AlienVault to do the research and analysis for them. Unlike other solutions, AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) provides users with BOTH the platform and the continuous threat intelligence updates so busy IT teams have an all-in-one solution enabling them to quickly and efficiently detect and respond to threats.

Once your prospects understand the value of the real-time threat intelligence included with the AlienVault USM platform, it becomes a very quick sales cycle. Join this one-hour webcast and learn:

  • The basics of Threat Intelligence
  • Practical use cases for mid-market organizations
  • The secret sauce of AlienVault Threat Intelligence, and how to position it as a key differentiator in the sales process

The webcast session will conclude with a summary of the latest AlienVault channel updates.

Meet Your Host

Mike LaPeters

VP North America Channel