USM Central Deployment Process

The deployment Entire process involved in installation, configuration, startup, and testing of hardware and software in a specific environment. process begins when a request for USM Central is received by a deployment either USM Anywhere or USM Appliance. There are three steps you need to complete your initial USM Central deployment.

Step 1: Register for AT&T Cybersecurity USM Central

When you or your account manager contact AT&T Cybersecurity and make a request for USM Central, AT&T Cybersecurity will collect all the necessary information for deployment, including the email address that will be used to set up your initial user associated with the deployment.

Step 2: Activate the Account

After registering for AT&T Cybersecurity USM Central, you will receive an email containing a link with instructions on how to set up your USM Central account. Click the link to set your password and activate your account.

Step 3: Connect Your Existing Deployments

Once USM Central is activated, you can connect your existing deployments of USM Anywhere and USM Appliance, and begin using USM Central.

See USM Anywhere Connections for connecting USM Anywhere deployments.

See USM Appliance Connections for connecting USM Appliance deployments.

Note: If you do not have existing deployments, see USM Anywhere Deployment Process or USM Appliance Deployments for instructions on how to configure your deployments prior to connecting them to USM Central.