Selecting Alarms in Alarm List View

Role Availability Read-Only Analyst Manager

USM Central enables you to select an alarm or multiple alarms to add a label to the selected alarms.

To select a single alarm

  • Select the checkbox to the left of the alarm.

To select multiple alarms

  • Select the checkbox of each alarm that you want to include.
  • You can go to the next page and select more alarms. USM Central does not preserve the selection on the previous page.

To select all the alarms on the same page

  • Select the checkbox in the first column of the header row.

To select all the alarms returned from a search or all the alarms in the system

  1. Select all the alarms on the page.
  2. Text similar to the following example displays above the alarm table:

    All 20 alarms on this page are selected. Select all 121 related to this filter


    121 is the number of alarms in the system.

    Bulk Alarms

  3. To select all the alarms, click Select all 121 related to this filter.